Friday, May 11, 2012

This Is Hardcore 2012 full lineup announced

The full lineup for This Is Hardcore Fest in Philadelphia, PA was announced yesterday.  Here is a day to day breakdown of who is playing what day and were.  Tickets will be on sale May 17th at 12:00pm EST

Thursday, August 9th- Terror, Earth Crisis, Ringworm, Maximum Penalty, Mindset, Naysayer, Lifeless, Build & Destroy and The Storm.

Friday, Augusth 10th- headliner TBA, Cro-Mags, Cold World, 100 Demons, Death Threat, Harm's Way, Power Trip, Praise, Wrong Answer and Beware.

Saturday, August 11th- Gorilla Biscuits, Lifetime, H2O, Title Fight, Bane, Grey Area, Vision, Horrow Show, Rival Mob, Rotting Out, Skin Like Iron, Stick Together, No Tolerance, Twitching Tongues, Code Orange Kis, Oblivion and Empire Of Rats.

Sunday, August 12th- Blacklisted, Breakdown, In My Eyes, Floorpunch, Crown of Thornz, Negative Approach, Killing Time, Wisdom in Chains, Nails, Hard Skin, Gehenna, Soul Search, Will To Live, Agitator, Rude Awakening and Born Annoying.

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