Monday, August 15, 2011

Current musical obsessions

Anyone who knows me knows that when I like a band or a record, I tend to listen to that band or record until everyone around me hates it.  The more I listen to a record, the more I appreciate it and pick up on the subtle nuances in the music.  There are countless albums I have done that with over the years and to this day, I still do it.  One time when my old band One Up was going on a 10-day winter tour down to Florida and back, all I brought was Radiohead's OK Computer.  When I got home from that tour and got in my car, the first thing I did was put OK Computer into my CD player and that is where it stayed for a few more weeks.  That is just one small example of my obsession with music.

I currently have two records I can not stop listening to that I would like to share with everyone. Please feel free to leave your current musical obsessions in the comment section of this post.

Into Another - Seemless
Released - 1995
Download -

A lot of my friends would tell me how amazing this band was.  Almost everyone I would talk to about them would tell me they are/were the best live band they have ever seen.  This peaked my interest and at first listen, I was not really sold.  I also listened to the seven inches first which was a fatal mistake in hind sight.  After a month or so, I figured there must be something I missed when listening to this band, so I put in the Seemless album and was floored.  Initially, I thought this had to be their first album because it was so straight ahead and rocking.  Later on, I found out that this was actually their last record.  Coincidentally this was released on a major label and succumbed to the major label curse.  To me, this record sounds more how I imagined they would sound compared to Poison Fingers or the Creepy Eepy.

Handsome - Handsome
Released - 1997
Download -

I was introduced to Handsome about a year ago by my friend Jude Miller who writes the blog Slow Learner.  He was honestly shocked that I had not heard this record before and after looking at who was in the band, so was I.  This "super group" consisted of guitarists Tom Capone of Quicksand and Pete Mengede of Helmet and former Cro-Mags and Murphy's Law drummer Pete Hines.  The band was rounded out with vocalist Jeremy Chatelain who later joined Jets To Brazil and Eddie Nappi on bass.  The music sounds pretty close to what you would think this group of dudes would write considering their hardcore/post-hardcore backgrounds. The cover art even looks in the vein of something Helmet would have used for album artwork.

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