Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving: Vegan Reich - Hardline

Vegan Reich - Hardline
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Release - 1990

This is my first Vegan Thanksgiving, and I wanted to post something special for the blog so here it is... Vegan Reich.  Hardline is the record that created and defined an entire sub-genre of Straight Edge hardcore in the '90s.  It seems fitting to post this record today so here it is.  I also added the lyrics for the song "The Way It Is" for your reading pleasure. From Pizza Friends to you, Happy Thanksgiving.

The Way It Is
Fuck you, shut your fucking mouth
We didn't ask for your opinion
We're telling you the way it is
So sit back and listen

Your position is irrelavant
To this situation
It's black and white
You're wrong, we're right
And you'd better
Come to that realization...

Cos it's murder plain and simple
No justification
For the taking of a life
Without provocation
You'd be guilty of a crime
If the victim was human
You could face execution

Laid down in stone
There can be no other definition
Meat and dairy production
Is torturing, is killing
For no purpose
For your ego
For the taste
Their blood you're spilling
Belsen, Auchwitz, Dachau
The similarity is frightening
A master race mentality
Of liberty for those with superiority
Your moral civilized society
Where normality is insanity
And sane and extreme ideology
Like the resistance to Nazi Germany
We don't obey the laws of barbarity

So expect no fucking mercy
If you're guilty you will pay
No chances to discuss it
You're gonna fucking hang
Terrorists and hooligans?
Just you fucking wait
If that's the image of create of us
You ain't seen nothing yet

What did you think
This was a college debate?
This is WAR
So stay the fuck out of the way
We're coming through that door
And once we free those enslaved
We'll even up the score
Guilty of murder
You'll face the new law!

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