Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cop Problem - 2011 Demo

Cop Problem is one of the two bands I currently play bass in from Philadelphia, PA.  We play a unique mixture of melodic d-beat, crust, punk, hardcore and metal.  In the coming months, we will be releasing our debut seven-inch titled Blinded By Power with the help of a few record labels.  More information will be posted in a few days.  Until then, you can listen to and download our 2011 Demo for free online here.

Location:  Philadelphia, PA
Genre:  Crust/D-Beat/Hardcore/Punk/Metal
For Fans Of: His Hero is Gone, Look Back and Laugh, Chokehold, Catharsis
Year Released:  2011

Track List:
1. Hope With Out Reason
2. Answers To The Wrong Questions

Cop Problem (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

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