Saturday, January 14, 2012

Van Halen "Tattoo" video

I will start off by saying I am skeptical of a new Van Halen record, even with the legendary David Lee Roth back behind the mic again.  The first time I heard the new Van Halen song "Tattoo" was on Tuesday, January 10th when it debuted on my local rock radio station 93.3 WMMR.  In all honesty, I thought the song was complete and total dog shit on my first listen.  Today, while working, I heard "Tattoo" again on the radio and found myself tapping along on the steering wheel and actually enjoying the song.  I think what bothered me at first was the way DLR sang the first verse and all the goofy "talking parts".  On my second listen, I realized DLR has done plenty of goofy talking parts on previous songs like "Hot For Teacher" and "Unchained" in the past.  My final verdict on the song is that I can and will get down with it.  When the new album A Different Kind Of Truth comes out, I will definitely check it out.  As for the video for "Tattoo" I am surprised with how tame it is.  I guess when you have your son playing bass in your band you really can't get wild with sexy women and what not.  DLR still has so many moves it is unreal even if this is a choreographed music video.  Watching video of him really brings it home just how much Ric Flair borrowed from DLR's schtick.  Diamond Dave Forever!

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