Friday, February 17, 2012

Captive Bolt - Rape, Slaughter, Slavery & Vivisection

Captive Bolt are a pissed off political/atheist/vegan band from Jacksonville, FL. The subject matter contained in the Rape, Slaughter, Slavery and Vivisection seven-inch deal with a range of topics from slaughterhouse atrocities and humanities blind eye to questioning the presence of a god/higher power when there is so much contradiction all around us.  The song "Justified Arson" has my favorite lyrical quote of the album "If meat is murder.  Then dairy is rape.  Fur is sadistic.  Burn the hate."  A very nice surprise comes at the end of the record with a cover of the Gorilla Biscuits song "Cats And Dogs".

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Genre:  Hardcore/Punk
For Fans Of:  Chokehold, Vegan Reich, Raid, early Earth Crisis
Year Released: 2011

Track List:
01.  Cogs
02.  Fight To Exist
03.  Non Believer
04.  Justified Arson
05.  Cats And Dogs

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