Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peace - Peace

Peace are an awesome new band out of Baltimore, MD with Stephen St. Germain (The First Step) on vocals and Andy Norton (Praise) on bass.  I got the chance to see them last night at The Barbary in Philadelphia with Stick Together, Beware, Clear, Sabotage, Our Side and Outlast.  The obvious comparison I can make here is that they sound like The First Step. This is only because Stephen has such a strong and distinct voice and presence when he is on the mic.  The music is fast, energetic and sincere hardcore that reminds me of the early 2000's.  The Peace bandcamp page only has two songs posted right now and below you can listen to the song "Be Here Now".   The download link for the full five-song EP is posted below in the information section.

Location:  Baltimore, MD
Genre: Hardcore
For Fans Of:  Mindset, Praise, Free Spirit, Give
Year Released:  2011

Track List:
1.  Be Here Now
2.  Let Go
3.  Free
4.  Nothing Is Broken
5.  What Else Can We Do?

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