Friday, March 16, 2012

Chumps - Chumps

Chumps are a Brooklyn, NY based band who play a noisy and distorted hybrid of rock and punk.  Their music has a unique vibe to it, as if Sonic Youth were to have recorded Dirty in the same studio Black Flag recorded My War with an only slightly intoxicated David Yow on vocals if that makes any sense.  "Shivist" and "Dirt" are great examples of Chumps heavier, more grooving side where as "Swamp Rats" and "1-800-267-7468" pick up the tempo for a faster punk feel.  I hear a lot of musical influences on this record ranging from The Jesus Lizard to Failure which make this a solid album from start to finish.

Location:  New York City
Genre:  Rock/Alt Rock
Purchase:  LP or CD here
For Fans Of:  Jesus Lizard, Fugazi, Quicksand, Donnie & Marie
Year Released:  2011

Track List:
04.  LUPO
05.  DIRT
06.  1-800-267-7468
07.  BLACK
08.  HLLWN

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