Monday, March 12, 2012

We Jam Econo - The Story of The Minutemen

Unfortunately, I do not have a story to post today.  To make it up to everyone, I am posting the We Jam Econo - The Story of The Minutemen documentary.  I recently read the Minutemen chapter in Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991 written by Michael Azerrad.  I was previously unfamiliar with the bands music before reading about them.  To be honest, after reading about them, they are probably the most inspirational punk band on the planet.  Their DIY work ethic and "econo" mindset is pure punk rock in its finest and most basic form.  I highly recommend anyone who plays in a band or wants to play in a band to watch this video.

We Jam Econo - The Story of the Minutemen is a full-length documentary about the influential 1980s punk rock band The Minutemen, created by director Tim Irwin and producer Keith Schieron in association with Rocket Fuel Films. The film premiered on February 25, 2005 at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, California, after two years in production.

Poignant recent interviews with the band's two surviving members Mike Watt and George Hurley, as well as first-person anecdotes from notable musicians including Flea, Henry Rollins and Thurston Moore, complement the archival concert and interview footage of the band, creating an informative and moving film for those interested in the band or punk rock in general.

The title is a lyric from their song "The Politics of Time." It's also referred to in a comment made near the end of the film by Mike Watt, in a 1985 interview, when the band is asked if they have anything else to say. He answers for them: "We jam econo." Econo was local slang for economic and described the band's dedication to low-cost record production and touring. It also describes the band's (and burgeoning underground independent music scene's) do-it-yourself attitude and philosophy.

Please Support the filmmakers, the band and everyone involved if you enjoy this!

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