Monday, April 23, 2012

Quiet Arcs stream the new album I've Been Feeling Kind Of Temporary

For those in the greater Philadelphia area, Rita's Water Ice is an almost universally loved food, perhaps on its way to becoming its own distinct food group. One of the greatest things about Rita's, of course, is that you are permitted to sample a small portion of every flavor before ordering a full container of it.

And in the spirit of taste-testing, Quiet Arcs are currently streaming their newest album I've Been Feeling Kind Of Temporary for a limited time on their bandcamp page. In the very near future they will be self releasing a limited quantity of this recording on vinyl for you to enjoy on your home stereo.  You can stream the full album for free here now.

If you like what you hear and if you'd like to have a copy of your own, please stay tuned for more details about the vinyl release.

Track List:
01.  Constant Sutures
02.  Diving Bell Curve
03.  Palmer To Townsend

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