Friday, April 6, 2012

Real Cops - Demo 2012

Real Cops are a social/political hardcore punk hailing from New Jersey.  They kind of remind me of a weird mix of Jerry's Kids and The Circle Jerks.  All four songs on this demo tape have a specific topic or opinion conveyed in the lyrics ranging from global warming/overpopulation to America being on the verge of a constant police state.  I also want to point out the great cover art for this demo.  The images on the cover (a riot squad, a happy American family and a grave yard) could not be more different while still being completely intertwined in this imaginary American dream most people still cling to.

Location:  New Jersey
Genre:  Hardcore/Punk
For Fans Of:  Jerry's Kids, Circle Jerks and Tear It Up
Year Released:  2012

Track List:
01.  The Future Is Written
02.  It's Only A Matter Of Time
03.  Etched In Stone
04.  Death Squads

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