Sunday, May 29, 2011

Changes - Demonstration 2011

Location: Asbury Park, NJ
Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Hailing from Asbury Park, NJ, Changes plays fast and aggressive hardcore punk influenced by Black Sabbath, Bad Brains and Black Flag to name a few. Demonstration is a five-song demo crafted by five veterans of the New Jersey hardcore scene coming together to contribute their take on hardcore and punk music.

The lyrical content of Demonstration ranges from personal experiences to political and social observations.  Leading off this recording is "Victims," a fast, riff-heavy song about the victim mentality. The chorus comes in strong for a sing-along of "Victims always ask why, why, why." The mosh part of the song has a lot more groove than expected from a typical mosh part. The next song, "Science Of War," starts off with a completely different vibe while keeping the momentum of the recording flowing in a focused direction. Heavy, dissonant chords give a unique sound from the start of the song. Once the chorus kicks in, the song heads into more traditional hardcore waters right before the big Sabbath-style riff brings the groove. Halfway through Demonstration, we come to "Strip Away," which is a slightly slower song than all the other songs on the recording. The ending of the song rides out on a big riff you can't help but to bang your head to. Second to last, we have the song "Shark Pipe," which is a song about the singer Shawn's personal experience being chased out of the water by a shark while out surfing one day. The music is fast-paced punk hardcore, which builds up to a Bad Brains Reignition-esqe breakdown at the end. To close out the recording, we have "Flags, Bibles, Bullets & Guns," which is a social critique of all the major problems we encounter as citizens of the United States. The lyrics to the chorus sum up the song the best if you ask me. "Flags, bibles, bullets and guns. They deal death in the flesh. Then collect federal funds. Flags, bibles, bullets and guns. Creating mass hysteria. They got the people on the run now."

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