Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snake Road - Demo 2011

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Hardcore

Snake Road are a four-piece hardcore band from Philadelphia with musical leanings toward metal, d-beat and punk.  Their influences as listed on their Facebook page are spot on.  Elements of From Ashes Rise, Integrity, Tragedy, Victims and Black Sabbath are sporadically mixed in from song to song. 

This five-song demo is a perfect sampling of what Snake Road have to offer.  The overall tone of the recording is dark and depressing like the city of Philadelphia. The lead song on the demo, "Over and Out," is fast and aggressive to set the pace for the recording.  Towards the end of the song, you get a small taste of the guitar solos that compliment these songs very nicely.  The next song, "Save You," brings a little more melody into the music while keeping the aggression intact.  The song ends with a great sing-along that will have the kids fist pumping and spilling beers in the pit for sure.  "Liberty or Death" keeps things flowing while changing the pace of the demo to more of a slow headbang.  This song grooves like "Abraxas Annihilation" by Integrity off of the Humanity is the Devil album.  The guitar solo is more along the lines of something you would hear on Systems Overload, which also rips.  The second to last song, "Just Like We Rehearsed," is a mid-tempo song with a good guitar melody to keep the song moving along.  The final song on the demo, "The Finest Hour," starts off slow and groovy and then shifts gears to a more traditional fast punk/hardcore verse/chorus.  The song ends with a stonery breakdown that will have you banging your head whether you want to or not

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