Monday, September 12, 2011

Infest - Machoism

Infest - Machoism
Release - 1988

Editor's note:  Since this is an album on a major label, there is no download link available.

I purchased this record at the first hardcore show I ever attended in the city of Philadelphia.  Until this point, I had only been to local shows in the Upper Darby area. The lineup was a classic example of a mid- to late-'90s eclectic hardcore bill with Shades Apart, Damnation AD, Cast Iron Hike and Regular. All the bands sounded completely different, but fit perfectly together on this show.  It was a rainy day on Friday, April 26, 1996 when I first stepped inside the now legendary First Unitarian Church.  I have seen a lot of shows over the years at the Church, but this one has always stood out in my mind.  The only band I was familiar with was Shades Apart because they had a video on MTV for their cover of Soft Cell's cover of the Gloria Jones' song "Tainted Love."

As I rummaged through the Very Distro table between bands' sets, I came across this record.  The cover is what really caught my eye.  As you can see in the picture above, it is of a guy being held against his will about to get speared with a flagpole.  At the time, this was the most bad ass record cover I have ever seen and I had to own it.  I had no idea who Infest was or what they sounded like.  Until this point, my only exposure to hardcore were Revelation Records, Victory Records and local bands like I Hate You, 5.0, Manual Seven and Hate To Say It, who later became All Else Failed, who I would see play at local shows around town.

When I got home and put this record on, it completely blew my mind.  I haven't heard anything as fast or as pissed off as as this before.  I spent countless hours next to my turntable blasting this record and reading the lyrics sheet trying to learn all the words. When I think about how I came across this record now in 2011, it kind of makes me sad. I miss going through boxes of records of bands that I had never heard of before to find that one record that looks so cool I had to have it.  I think the Machoism seven-inch is definitely a must have for any fan of hardcore, punk, crust or grindcore music.  These songs were ripped straight from the vinyl and sound just as good today as the day I discovered this album.

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