Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cool music Videos: Part Three

Primus' music video for the song "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" absolutely terrifies me. In the video, the band is dresses up like that creepy family from those old Duracell battery commercials.   Watching this video helps me to understand how/why people can be terrified of clowns.

Tool's music video for the song "Sober" has always interested me.  The claymation for this video seems oddly perfect and fitting for the dark tone of the song.  When I was younger I thought this was possibly one of the coolest videos ever.  As an adult, I still think this video is cool, but I also have no clue what the hell this video is about.   Levitation, face melting, arm shaking, weird thing in the closet, crazy mad scientist guy... sure.

The Beastie Boys video for the song "Sabotage" is just straight up bad-assery at it's finest. Mustaches, sliding on the hoods of cars, car chases, tackling someone into a pile of trash, kicking in doors and blowing shit up are just a few of the intense scenes in this video.  After watching this video, it makes the stock performance/party videos most bands use for their videos seem boring and tame by comparison.

Green Jello's video for "Little Pig, Little Pig" is close to six minutes of ridiculousness. The progression from pig to pig in this re-telling of the classic Three Little Pigs story is great. My favorite is Little Pig #2 who was just chilling out, smoking some ganja while listening to Bob Marley.  From out of no where comes a big bad wolf ridding on his Harley. After the wolf inevitably blows his house in, he then proceeds to shred face on the guitar and smoke the rest of Little Pig #2's weed.  The culmination of this video is amazing.

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