Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cool Music Videos: Part Two

Quicksand's video for the song "Freezing Process" is one of my favorite videos that I never knew existed.  One day, I was bored on YouTube looking for videos of Quicksand playing live and found they had actual music videos.  Tom Capone has such good moves in this video, not to mention Sergio Vega rocking a BURN shirt.

Sick Of It All's video for the song "Step Down" is a great how to for any hardcore freshmen.  Craig Ahead also has great moves in this video.  Growing to shows in the mid to late 90's I got to see a lot of the moshers in this video demonstrate their stye in real life.   "It's not so bad that hardcore music".

CIV's music video for the song "Can't Wait One Minute More" is great.  The whole talk show spoof is perfect, especially Lou Koller's guest appearance via satellite from Arizona State Penitentiary.  I always loved the fashion sense CIV had in this video and how the band looks like a punk version of the Beatles.

Youth Of Today's music video for the song "No More" is a classic in every sense of the word.  A few of the awesome things you see in this video are vegetarian graffiti, crucial t-shirts over hooded sweat shirts, live footage of Youth Of Today, Ray spiking a hamburger, high-fives, varsity jackets and a sick fade away jump shot to close out this video.

Handsome's music video for the song "Needles" is very dark and gloomy.  For those who may not know who Handsome were, I will give you a little run down on the band. Handsome was a musical super group made up of Tom Capone (Quicksand) and Peter Mengede (Helmet) on the guitars, Pete Hines (Cro-Mags and Murphy's Law) on drums, Jeremy Chatelain (Insight, Iceburn, Jets To Brazil and Helmet) on vocals and Eddie Nappi on bass.  I posted their album a few months back so if you like the song in the video you should definitely download the full album.

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