Monday, December 26, 2011

Bottled Up Records full catalogue available for free download

Bottled Up Records is an one of my favorite independent record labels run by one of my favorite dudes, Jeff Lasich.  Jeff is also the mastermind behind Start Today Fanzine. Below you will find the pre-order information for the new Truth Inside seven-inch, download links for the entire Bottled Up Records catalogue as well as the newest digital issue of Start Today Fanzine.

Truth Inside - Best Times 7” is up for pre-order.
There are Have Heart records for sale now too.

Free downloads!!!!
Start Today Fanzine #7

Truth Inside - Best Times

Outlast - Take Control

The First Step - What We Know Sessions

Learn - Life and…

Learn - Better Days Ahead

Crumbler - Dirty Weeks

In Stride - Place of Decay

One Up - The Demo

One Up - The More Things Change

Efforts Made - Recollect

Have Heart - 2003

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