Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teen Wolves - The Tape

Location:  New Brunswick, NJ
Genre:  Punk/Hardcore
Contact:  teenwolves732@gmail.com
Download:  teenwolves.bandcamp.com
For Fans Of:  not being a fan
Year Released:  2011

Fast punk influenced hardcore from New Brunswick, NJ.  Teen Wolves remind me of Life's Halt with songs like "F The A" and "Shotgun No Blitz". Another band that comes to mind are The Adolescents.  The recording is surprisingly good for a home/basement recording which is a big plus.
Track List:
1.  Cop Blocker
2.  F The A
3.  Never Forget Your Root(s) Beer
4.  Bedtime Stories
5.  The Point C
6.  T.W.P.
7.  What It Is
8.  Shotgun No Blitz
9.  Prey
10.  Epic Failure

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