Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wanna play This Is Hardcore 2012?

The following was posted on the Bridge 9 message board by This Is Hardcore founder Joe Hardcore. I am re-posting all the info to help get people aware that this is submission season for TIHC.

Before you go submitting your band you must know that despite the fact that TIH pays bands well to come and play, if you're from Nepal (as one bad ass band last year was from) or even in the U.S and you just got a demo out and have never travelled before, you should really think of the cost involved in trying to come as a band to play. I often tell bands that I'd love to have them but I'd hate to see them travel out just for one show where the most they would get would be like $200 for 20 minutes.

Think about it and if you still want to submit- be my guest..

So how to submit your band??

send me A LINK to actual music from your band or some songs, though I've lost a few songs especially when they are untitled and named track 1 (I've got 2 gigs of demo links all named demo 09 or something generic)

I love bandcamps the best but don't mind stereokiller either..
If you send me a myspace link, I won't even bother as it will just take too long.

Also include some info about your band as in where you're from etc.
It's helpful to know if you're touring, have stuff recorded and being put out etc.

I'll also check out mediafire links etc.

email joe@thisishardcorefest.com

I got over 210 submissions last year and it was a daunting task to get back to everyone, on top of it I had some email issues that made some shit bounce back a few times.

Things are hammered out and I've got it all set, so don't be shy, send in your stuff and hopefully we can make something happen for you.  If not on TIH then a show in philly...

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