Monday, December 12, 2011

Into Another - Seemless

Into Another - Seemless
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Release - 1995

Story by Zach Trotta, original Blacklisted drummer.

This record is such a fucking banger.  The production and song structure to the ridiculous lyrics was the best transition of a “post hardcore” band pining out for a big record label. Hollywood Records probably thought, “Let’s squeeze the last drip of grunge out of this band,” which I’m sure was a disaster commercially.  Redcheeks got me into this record.  The conversation was sparked by Into Another’s never released “techno/industrial record” I always heard about but, back then, never heard.  The drumming on Seemless is so in the pocket, behind the beat and sparse on unnecessary, wack fills.  The bass is so punchy and prominent, a departure from Into Another’s previous records which had this slap bass feel.  And the lyrics... oh man, the lyrics.  What the fuck.  I don’t even want to read them.  I just want to assume what he’s fucking talking about.  Just like my dear friend Jude Miller’s story of New Day Rising, Seemless was a change in my usual rotation at the time (Death Threat’s Peace and Security and anything Obituary)

Choice tracks: the song "Seemless" sounds like if Supertouch was mixed by Andy Wallace.  "Regarding Earthlings" could have been a Collective Soul b-side at the time (1995), but has the best tempo and talks about “children being vampires?”